Welcome to WoodCarving Creations

Since i've started working with this material it has been a pleasure, woodworking is a passion and a pleasure, that grows day by day. Excited when a block of wood start reveals what is hidden inside and every new project is like having a long journey without knowing exactly where you willl land.
I'm an hobbyist woodcarver and inside this website, across different sections, you should be able to find my finished projects, what is currently going on. On Videos section a direct link to my YouTube videos will allow you seeing me in action, so please enjoy visiting site and don't hesitate contact me.
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Heart Pendant

Hand Carved in walnut, with little jewel insert

Walnut heart pendant, a special gift for special person


Hand Carved in Arolla Pine

Dragon and Knights, Kings and Queens, carving this low relief has been a fantastic journey into a middle ages

Briar Smoking Pipe

Briar Pipe

Smoking pipe, modeled and carved by hand. As carving is so exciting as relaxing process, also smoking pipe after hours of woodworking ...

Celtic Dragon

Hand Carved in Arolla Pine

Celtic Dragon hand carved, with a rare-earth magnet on the back. This is the first of a long list of magnetic item that i've in my mind flowers, butterflies, leaves and so on ...

AshTray Skull

Hand Carved in Arolla Pine, it tooks approximately 2 months of work

Looking at a plastic skull model, the idea for a skull ashtray born in my mind. Removing skullcap an ashtray is revealed inside, finished with beeswax and mounted over a base finished with four coats of shellac, it tooks approximately two months of work. Most challenging part has been the mouth and the attach of the jaw to the head.


Hand Carved in Arolla Pine

Inspired by a work of Chris Pye, this butterfly is made with Arolla Pine and the whole carving tooks approximately two weeks (not enough spare time). Two antennas were made using a slice of bamboo, that allow thin slices without break, body finished using beeswax and fixed over the branch with a toothpick. The branch has been covered with shellac.


Hand Carved in Arolla Pine

Inspiration taken from my daughter's toy, it tooks one year to complete (consider anyway that i do woodworking on my spare time) and the muzzle has been the most difficult part, considering dimensions of details. It has been finished with three coats of shellac, the mane painted with darker colour and after also coated with shellac


Work based on a caricature drawing

Idea born on caricature drawing, the main shape would remember a grass plant with human aspect. Made in arolla pine and coated with shellac, the quills were made using toothpicks, sawn in the middle and then painted. Once ready little holes have been drilled with Dremel and then quills inserted. This has been donated to a person that loves grass plants.


Lime wood

Relief carving realized at carving school using lime wood, interesting work to increase attention to perspective.This type of carving can be used to decorate fireplaces, door or walls.

Dove for peace

This has been a gift for my wife

Based on a drawing of Russell Parry taken at woodworkers institute web site. First cut with bandsaw, then carved using gouges. Once reached the right deep on feathers, started round body and finally detailed the eye and beak.

Keys Holder

One of my first works with chip carving technique

One of first works, when I started with only carving knives set. Since this piece passion for woodcarving has grown day by day. For beginners chip carving is a good starting point because in first instance doesn't require too much space to practice, drawing are mainly geometrical shapes and is easy to become confortable with the tools.

Modern Crucifix

Stylized crucifix

After carving a classic crucifix, this fluent and soft design has captured my attention, it recalls into my mind something mistical so fluent as i imagine soul. Carved in Arolla pine and gifted to my sister in law.

Mantle Clock

Chip Carved Clock

This clock has been my first serious project in wood carving. Entirely drawed by myself, it has been carved with knives using chip carving technique. Arolla pine wood.