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In this page you can find all the videos I've posted my YouTube Channel. Please contact me if you are interested in asking for some particulare videos or anything else related to my current projects. Enjoy!!!
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Woodturnin a Spintop

SpinTop, one of the best games a children can play, see how I turned one

Green Wood

Turning green wood

Turning green wood can be challenging due to the possibility of cracks. Storing the rough piece wrapped into paper can avoid problems

Celtic Wolf Head

Knife carving

Stylized Celtic Wolf Head carved using knife.

Butterfly Project

Butterfly Detailing and Finishing

Detailing Butterfly and finish with oil, shellac and beeswax.

Butterfly Project

Butterfly Shaping

Shaping the butterfly, wings body and head..

Butterfly Project

Butterfly Roughing out

Roughing out wooden butterfly, a perfect decoration for other projects or also beautiful left alone.

Decoration How To

Decoration Tutorial

Decorating a box or a frame can be a good starting point for your carving adventure. A chisel, rule and a pencil are the only tools you need to start.

Pen Turning

Turning a wooden pen

How to turn a pen, starting from sawing wooden block through assembly the pen.

Carving Flower

Detailing and Finishing

Last video for this project. Detailing and finishing the flower with oil, shellac and beeswax.

Heart pendant


Walnut Heart pendant. How to make a little gift for special person.

Small Lidded Box


Lidded Box in Arolla Pine. Start to end in timelapse video.

Carving Flower


After roughing out the flower we need to define the shape of the flower.

Carving Flower

Roughing out

First step in carving project is roughing out the shape.

Holding blanks

How to old your project

How a blank can be hold for carving

How transfer drawing

How transfer drawing on woods

Few techniques and advices about transferring drawings on wood

WoodCarving Creations Intro

Introducing myself

Introducing myself and what is inspiring WoodCarving Creations...