WoodCarving Creations

Woodturning projects

Woodturning is in my opinion the best experience you can have with a woodworking machine.
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Stylized Cats Inlay Clock

Arolla Pine and Milliput resit for inlay cats

Simple woodturned clock with stylized cats inlay.


Tourned and Hand Carved in Arolla Pine

Clock surrounded by round frame chip carved. Turning this is quite easy and the result is just like a dish, so i decided to add a chip carved frame to make it more precious.

Wooden Goblet

Arolla Pine Goblet.

In Italy, wooden goblets are not so common as i saw in other countries, but they have something mystical like Holy Grail. Turning one of them will always lead into successfull and satisfactory project


Spintop with support

Spin top, ideal as ornament or game, made with Arolla pine not treated in any way. When starting woodturning i think that this is one of the first project tried. It's also good to apply woodturning basic techniques. The support has been covered with shellac and beeswax.

Hair Stick

Turned with Arolla Pine

Fashion ornament, elegant and practical to lift up woman hair. Ideal as gift as it is unique piece.

Jewelry lidded box

Jewelry lid box

Small lidded jewelry box, Boxes in general are interesting project, doesn't matter what will be left inside, always things that deserve to be stored in an elegant box are meaningfull for the person that store them. Ideal for gift, unique piece made with Arolla pine. Coated with shellac.

Mini Wooden Goblet

Mini Wooden Goblet.

Mini Wooden goblet ideal for gift, in Arolla pine then painted and coated with shellac. Little projects are always a big challenge.

Padouk and Zebrano Pen

Padouk and Zebrano

Project like this, will allow you create something that is in your hand almost every day. Beautiful experience seeing a block of wood transforming into an elegant pen

Arolla Pine Pen

Arolla Pine

Twist Artisan Pen.

Wallnut Pen


Twist Artisan Pen.

European Style Pens

Chrome finishing

European Style Pen, hand turned